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Where destinies converge – yours and mine – amidst the voyage of self-transformation

I bid thee welcome fair traveler.

As you find yourself navigating these digital pathways, let me extend a wholehearted greeting to you. I’m Şahin, your interstellar navigator through complex systems, a seasoned expedition leader, and a Swiss Army knife of unparalleled experience and expertise.

Organizational development is my canvas, and I’ve been crafting it with the finesse of an artist for a decade. My journey through the landscapes of agility and leadership has been the brush that paints the path forward. Amidst this tapestry of growth, people’s happiness and personal evolution take center stage – the masterpieces that grace the walls of my personal museum.

Step into a world of boundless potential, where strategies blend seamlessly with the strokes of innovation. Together, let’s sculpt a narrative of triumph and transform your aspirations into a symphony of achievement. Your journey begins here – let’s chart the course to your extraordinary future.

Şahin Volkan gets the job done

Why me?

What truly matters to me.

I've always prioritized my clients over the allure of writing a book, launching a podcast, or saturating LinkedIn with catchy quotes. Instead, I've remained steadfast in my commitment to what truly matters – my clients. The titans of their industries repose their trust in me, drawn by my pragmatic, context-specific, and people-centric approach. I don't confine myself to a predefined model, for the truth is, plans rarely survive contact with reality.

Community first

The genesis of this website emerged from a growing clamor from my clients – they wanted an avenue to recommend my services to their peers, companions, and loved ones. As I reflect on the evolution of my journey, it's clear that the success of Appel PIE isn't a result of this website's creation; it's been woven into the fabric of my journey from day one. My journey in organizational and people development has fostered a robust network of clients, and now, I find joy in sharing my insights through keynotes and collaborating on an upcoming podcast.

Humble beginning of our grand journey

If you're deliberating whether to join forces with me on your personal odyssey, cast an eye over the roster of esteemed companies and institutions that have put their faith in me. And if doubt still lingers, how about a compelling offer – a free 30-minute session to experience firsthand the impact I can bring to your journey? Let's chart your course to transformation together.


Şahin Volkan Danacı

Meet Şahin, a 34-year-old trailblazer who defies convention. A college dropout turned maestro of transformation, he’s a living testament to the extraordinary. 

  • Epic battles in diverse armors

    With a diverse past that reads like a best-seller, Şahin has held roles as a Business Agility Navigator, Enterprise Agile Coach, UX Virtuoso, and Lean Startup Visionary. But that's just scratching the surface – he's also been a Head of Agile Transformations, a Future-Proof Leader, and an unwavering Mentor for Startups around the globe.

  • Voyaged though vast and distant lands

    For almost a decade, he's immersed himself in the intricate dance of metamorphosing large organizations, sculpting leadership landscapes, and revitalizing focal systems. His canvas spans industries as vast as insurance, reinsurance, pharmacy, banking, gaming, car manufacturing, medical technology, real estate, consulting firms, and startups - a true polymath of transformation.

  • Arcane force of empowerment

    Guided by the mantras "My only plan is to improvise" and "Empower the powerless," Şahin's journey is a symphony of innovation and empowerment. Join him in rewriting the script of possibility and embracing the unpredictable.

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My Skills
Agile Leadership
Confidence in complex systems & VUCA environments
Dealing with difficult stakeholders and senior management
Organizational design & change
Systemic view & system thinker


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Agile People Leadership Workshop

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